20-22 September , 2016 | London

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Launching Tom Clancy’s The Division pushed analytics ‘to its limits’

For those living under a rock, this past March saw Ubisoft launch its long-awaited open world online-only third-person shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division, on multiple platforms. The game broke company records, including the highest number of first-day sales, not only garnering strong reviews across the board but boosting the company’s profits for fiscal 2015-16. Leading up to launch, those involved in the game’s data analytics were in no doubt that the pressure would be on.

There was a lot of preparation,” says Alzbeta Kovacova, Massive Entertainment’s analytics manager, who will be briefing other professionals at the Game Analytics and Business Intelligence (GABI) Forum on exactly how her team managed the launch of such a huge product...

What does it mean to be a Data Scientist in the game industry?

Machine learning is becoming ever popular in the world of data analytics. An intelligent, automated system that can predict future events? What’s not to love? Well, if your output doesn’t need these capabilities, you could be placing far too much stock in these technological developments.

Vince Darley, Chief Scientist at King – the studio that brought the world Candy Crush Saga – tells Gaming IQ what defines a ‘Data Scientist’ and why it’s important for someone in the role to truly understand  the player. Vince will be just one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Game Analytics and Business Intelligence (GABI) Forum, returning to London this September…

Survey Results: The Biggest Priorities for Game Analytics Professionals

Gaming IQ surveyed over a hundred professionals involved in the data analytics and business intelligence community within the game industry. We asked them one simple question: what are your biggest business priorities right now? Using a weighted average, we were able to confirm that every given factor ranked as at least a focus for the majority of the industry, and discovered which specific areas are currently at the top of the agenda. Download the infographic to find out what tops the list and begin benchmarking your own priorities with those of your international peers and competitors...


Chairman Q&A: Christoph Safferling, Ubisoft Blue Byte

Back in the GABI Forum chairman seat this year is Christoph Safferling, Head of Game Analytics at Ubisoft Blue Byte. Ahead of the event, he spared a moment for Gaming IQ to explain why he’s eager to get the discussion back underway – and to highlight his involvement in the upcoming Game Analytics Twitter Takeover (July 14th; 12:00 GMT @GamingIQ). Before you start hitting Christoph with the tough questions, find out where he stands on some of the key issues...

Open Your Mind: How to take game analytics to new horizons

Whether we look at the number of DAUs or the use of smart analytics to develop a critical pathway for a product, it has never been more clear that data is now king. So why is the Gaming industry so far behind other sectors when it comes to analysing data in an intelligent way and reaping the very real benefits? Ahead of this year’s Game Analytics and Business Intelligence Forum, Arthur Von Eschen, Senior Director of Game Analytics at Activision is on a mission. To help publishers explore this strange new world and to boldly share lessons that no one has shared before…


Trends and Statistics in the World of Game Analytics

View this infographic to get a quick overview of the latest findings on gaming consumer habits across video, social and mobile, as well as projections on the growth of the market worldwide for the next few years. Is freemium content working? How do gaming ad conversion rates compare to those of social network ads? And what results have Sony unveiled this year? Find out here...


Sega: Nick Ross, Director of Analytics

Are game analytics directors overfunded? Nick Ross, Director of Analytics at Sega, outlines his approach to budgeting at the company as well as across the wider gaming industry, while providing answers to the following:

• Why he believes studios should be evaluating its analytics within the original vision of the game designer;
• What he looks for when hiring someone to undertake data visualisation;
• Why studios should be picky when it come to employing tracking and conversion providers;
• And how he has seen the field of data analytics changing in the last five years – as well as where he foresees the shifts over the next five years.

Travian Games: Lars Janssen, Chief Games Officer

Based in Munich, Travian Games has been developing and publishing browser-based multiplayer games for ten years this September and is famed for producing the likes of Travian, Miramagia, Rail Nation and Goal United. Having recently entered the mobile gaming market, Lars Janssen, Chief Games Officer, is wrestling with the adaptation to cross-platform analytics but, as he tells Gaming IQ, the company has done more than its share to innovate its own ways of generating and assessing user data...